Norman Galinsky


My artwork has been inspired and informed by my background in science and engineering and my ongoing interest in metaphysical issues and explorations of consciousness.

The recent works involve the free-hand application of small marks to construct larger, intuitively derived geometric patterns. The compositions are produced through a meditative approach, a practice of focused attention and intention, often using ancient sacred geometric forms and proportions. I call the work “process oriented” because I maintain an intimate connection with the act of generating the works by hand. Thus, I remain an engaged and active participant in the creation, rather than an observer.

The images suggest emissions of energy waves and particles, vibrating fields and networks that denote a synthesis between the material world and a hidden quantum universe. Many of the works utilize symmetry and circular imagery of converging forms, a central focus of “stillness” to express the unity of consciousness—the one shared life.

I want my images to encourage thinking as well as feeling, to challenge as well as to promote healing and balance, to connect the personal with the universal order, and to draw one into a dialog with the present moment in ways that intimate the future.